Sunday, 15 April 2012

Make Folders Invisible

This method will make your folder invisible and not hidden. On the one hand you won’t have to go through folder options to unhide your folder, on the other someone may discover your invisible folder by accident.

To make an invisible folder, you have to do two things:
--> First remove the folder name and second make the folder icon transparent. To hide the folder name…
…select the questionable folder and click F2. Then hold the > ALT key while typing the numbers > 0160 using the number pad. Hit > Enter and the folder name should be gone.

--> Next, you need to make the folder icon invisible:
Right-click your folder and select > Properties. Switch to the > Customize tab and click the > Change Icon… button. Several blank icons can be found in the default Windows 7 icon collection. Find one, select it and click > OK.

If the invisible folder sits on your desktop, make sure it’s along the edge of the screen and towards the right side. This will decrease the chance of it being found by chance. Note that anyone can still access the folder, given they find it. For example clicking [CTRL] + [A] will select and highlight all files and folders, including invisible ones.

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