Friday, 6 April 2012

Tails Operating System

Today I tried out a new operating system which is called the TAILS OPERATING SYSTEM( What's new in it? The spectacular thing about this operating system is that you needn't install it in your PC or laptop. You can just carry it everywhere you go on your personal USB stick. It is available as a free download(in the link mentioned above) and is specifically designed keeping security in mind. Concerned about your privacy or your anonymity while using your friend's laptop? Then tails is the answer to you. Tails can also be installed in a bootable CD but I prefer USB since it occupies only 619MB space. Got websites blocked by your college or office? Tails OS uses Tor to provide users with secure encrypted anonymous access to the internet. It also has preinstalled applications to give you anonymity on the internet. YOu can use those applications to unblocked stuff on the internet, So along with application restrictions, website restrictions are also removed using tails. The procedure to install tails is slightly complicated and is described in detail below:

1----> Download Tails OS(in .iso format) from the link ( As mentioned earlier, its 619MB in size so it takes a bit longer if you have a slow internet connection(Try using IDM in such a case). Next thing you need a minimum 2GB pen-drive. (why the excess memory as opposed to 618MB? Well, the whole OS runs in the pen-drive and it needs memory of course). Make sure that you don't have anything important in that pen-drive as I won't be responsible in case of data loss.

2----> Download Universal USB installer( Plug in your USB. Open the universal USB installer. Select Tails from the dropdown list. And then select your tails*.iso. Finally select your USB drive path. Double check it twice as you wouldn't want tails to be installed in your directories. Click Create. That's it. You are done.
3---> Once completed, restart your computer without removing your USB stick. Enter into bios setup by pressing F2 or F8 or F10 Esc depending upon your computer make. Select Bios and make USB as your first priority. Save changes and exit. Now you should boot into tails OS.

Have fun browsing all blocked content anonymously!!!

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