Tuesday, 29 May 2012

How To Get Someone’s Ip Address Through Facebook

Hello Friends ! Today i am going to post the trick for getting someone’s IP through Facebook.
Step 1 – First invite or ping that person for a chat on facebook.
Step 2 – Make sure your all other tabs in browser and other services in computer are closed. If Possible for you then delete all the cookies-cache and browsing history from your browser.
Step 3 – While chatting on Facebook go to Start >- Run >- cmd.
Step 4 – After Opening command Prompt Type  netstat -an command and hit Enter.
Step 5 – Now you will get Ip Address of all the established connections there.
Step 6 – Note all the suspicious Ip’s and trace user using ip address tracer sites like whatismyip or ipmango.com .
Thats It !
You can use same trick for tracing ip of someone’s on Skype, gtalk and Yahoo Messenger .
You can also shutdown their PC with their IP address!

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