Sunday, 20 May 2012

Protect Your Apps Using Facial Recognition With Visidon AppLock for Android

These days it’s more important than ever to make sure that you have secure, private electronic devices. Even people without anything to hide like to be on the safe side. Knowing that someone could pick through your phone can be… creepy. Bottom line is that we would not blame you for wanting extra security on any electronic device, including phones.
Visidon AppLock is another useful tool to help with that. With its help, you can secure specific apps so that nobody but you can access it. Using some rather impressive technology, any phone with a front-facing camera can get in on some seriously secure action.
Visidon is essentially a bit of clever facial recognition software. You don’t often see stuff of this quality being marketed to consumers at large, so it’s still pretty new and cool. We had never used facial recognition before, and it is quite something.
The software works quite well. You point the camera at your own mug and let the software recognize that it’s you. From there it checks your face to make sure that it’s really, well, you. If you pass that test, then you’re greeted with a text password. Correctly input that and the app unlocks.
Any app can be locked. The Play Store, Settings, and the Visidon app itself are all automatically locked to prevent would-be intruders from changing any settings that could interfere with the lock. All in all, it’s pretty secure.

Download : Visidon Applock

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