Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Run Android Apps on Your Windows PC with BlueStacks App Player

Mobile apps for many, have become the centrepiece of their computer usage. The shift from desktop to mobile is becoming more and more evident extremely rapidly, and BlueStacks is a new virtualization application that aims to bridge that gap ever so slightly.
This is completely new concept where you can install and use Android apps on your Windows PC. You can check out popular games, work with productivity apps and check for news updates using your favorite Android apps, right from the desktop. And thanks to Cloud Connect, one can share the apps between platforms.

For people who don’t have an Android device, this is an opportunity to try out how well the Android apps work.

With regards to installing new apps, you can easily access a sort of BlueStacks marketplace by connecting with Facebook via a link to ‘get more apps’ from within the app drawer which is pictured below.

There’s certainly a great deal of scope and scalability for a product such as this, and I can see an immense amount of consumer interest based on the relatively low levels of drain on system resources and the extensive app availability, including thousands upon thousands of free, yet extremely useful, applications for the Android platform.

As I mentioned before it could potentially have a disastrous impact on the interest in Android tablets should it becomes public knowledge that you can do almost everything on a Windows tablet that a hypothetical Android equivalent might have to offer, so I think the level of publicity that this product gets is of utmost importance not just for the developers themselves and their aspirations, but potentially a wider impact on the market as a whole.

Download link : BlueStacks

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