Saturday, 28 July 2012

Play the World's hardest game ever!!

Personally, I have been very addictive to computer gaming since childhood and I had a bad habit to not to quit a game until it is completed, and this habit helped me in finishing the toughest of the toughest game. What we all gamers like about gaming is that the game designers and coders work  hard to bring new challenges and make the games more harder and challenging for us.  Recently, I came across a game which claims to be the world’s hardest game… ooh.. sounds like a real challenge to some.
Welcome to the World’s hardest game ever designed on flash by Snubby Land . The game is really interesting, challenging and can really piss you off sometimes..  It consists of 30 levels, clearing one level takes you the next level.

Game Play :- The games has 30 levels and you have to pass the previous level to reach the next level. You are red box and you have to collected yellow dots by staying away from weirdly moving blue dots and reach the final end of each level in green color. Score can be submitted online after you clear all the 30 levels and is the total no. of your deaths during the gameplay.

Sounds simple?? Don't even think about it.. So, without wasting anymore time I would allow you to play the game here itself. Get Ready and Best of Luck !!!