Friday, 31 August 2012

Manage your Android phone from your PC's browser

What is AirDroid?

AirDroid is a fast, free app that lets you wirelessly manage & control your Android devices (phone & tablet) from a web browser. It’s designed with the vision to bridge the gap between your Android device and web browser, on desktop computers or tablet devices, on Windows, Mac/iOS, or Linux.

What can I do with AirDroid?

You can use AirDroid to send/receive SMS (text messages, if supported by the device), install/uninstall apps, transfer files between Android device and computer/tablet, and manage contacts, photos, music, videos, and ringtones, etc., all in a web browser. Install AirDroid on your Android device and open your favorite web browser to experience it yourself.

Download and install AirDroid app on your Android devices, start the app and open your favorite web browser, input the address and Dynamic Passcode to log in to AirDroid Web Desktop. 
Detailed steps: 
Before start, please make sure the Android device and computer are connected to the same network. 
    1. Open with your favorite web browser on computer. 
    2. Press the camera button in AirDroid on your Android device and point your Android device at the QR code displayed at
    3. Once the QR code is successfully scanned you'll log in instantly.

You can also log in AirDroid via the IP address ("http://192.168.xx.xx:8888) and passcode if you prefer.

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