Saturday, 18 August 2012

LG’s Facebook Newsfeed in 3D

Facebook could be on the verge of making itself on a position of Google-Yahoo saga for online business sustainability. The largest social networking site has seen a slowdown of its growth based from the current findings posted by several research firms. The most evident could be the sites record breaking downfall of its public stock offering. Ridiculously, most of its users were putting the blame on Facebook’s implementation of Timeline. Fortunately, LG could be fit the right technology of bringing your Facebook newsfeed into new level, yes, three-dimensional newsfeed.

To show LG’s mission of showing the “best things in life are even better in 3D,” the company set up LG 3D studios to create and showcase the new platform. For this project, LG developed a Facebook App called “3D Newsfeed” to simulate their 3D-loving Facebook feed concept.
Fortunate selected members of the Amsterdam creative community have the opportunity to experience the 3D Newsfeed project for its beta testing. And even if you have no 3DTV, you can try it yourself, the 2D version.
Now we see that the 3D Newsfeed could be purely enjoyed on a smart 3D TV because of its interactive features. You can check out how LG’s 3D Newsfeed works on the video above, you can dynamically interact through its birds-eye view, jump through the timeline, like and comment if you want.
Do you think this new 3D Facebook wall can save the most popular social networking site from an online crisis and lure new facebook users?
Try it now : 3D FACEBOOK

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