Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Whatsapp's new awesome feature!

WhatsApp has launched a push-to-talk voice messaging feature that will allow people to send voice messages with a tap. Additional features of the latest WhatsApp update include the removal of time limits on voice messages; volume switching -- when the phone is held at arm's length WhatsApp will increase the volume, and when it is held near the ear WhatsApp will decrease the volume; and a blue microphone icon notification that tells you when your recipient has heard their message.

Here’s how the new voice messaging feature works:
  • You will see a new button with a microphone icon instead of the Send button. 
  • Tap and hold on it to start recording the voice message. When you release the button, it automatically sends the voice message to your friend.

  • If you want to cancel the recording, simply slide on the recording bar (which has a cute animation).
  • You can also cancel the message when it is being sent by tapping on the x button.
The update will be rolling out to everyone within 24 hours.